Animal Acres Llamas
Dousman, Wisconsin

Currently we are sold out of guard llamas, please stop back again

More companions to come!


Double Expresso and his girls enjoying a romp!

Expresso started at Animal Acres in the 4-H program and is now on Duty at the farm of the Hooper Family.

Gorgeous Paint

Keep an eye for new postings

Grandi's Aprhrodite Retired Female on the job

Outstanding Guard!

Double Expresso on the Job

​Ask us about retiring females or geldings for potential guards!

Aphrodite watching over her Flock!

Born and Raised at Aniamal Acres, Aphrodite moved on to a new profession after her job as a breeding female ended. Both Females and Geldings make wonderful guards for sheep, goats, alpacas and other small livestock.

The Munn Family in Fort Atkinson are now enjoying Aphrodite.

Guard/Companion Llamas For Sale